News: SadoDaMascus Winter Compilation Release Party on Feb. 23rd

The title of the post says “compilation”, but the folks behind the imprint and collective known as SadoDaMascus Records would really like to call it a “copulation.” A slight pun, sure, but a strangely fitting description for listening to their upcoming CD. I was lucky enough to be handed a copy of it over the weekend, and was immediately sent spiraling with joy at what I heard.

The disc feels more like a DJ set than it does a pieced together collection of random tunes. There’s a distinct flow and mood to the whole production that is so rare to achieve with one band, let alone a baker’s dozen. Why does calling it a “copulation” fit so well then? Because it feels like the soundtrack to a long slow love making session, the kind where every touch feels amplified by a thousand and you just want to linger in every moment until eternity crashes around you both. Whew. Getting spent just thinking about it.

If you want to get a sense of some of the music involved, visit the Sonic Debris Media SoundCloud page. Or if you want to dive in deeper – and get a copy of the CD for yourself – stop by Record Room on the 23rd of February. SadoDaMascus will be holding an extended release party that boasts two stages of music, with a lineup of bands who are all featured on the latest copulation. Take a gander at the poster for the event below and, if you so desire, adjust your February calendar accordingly.



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