Music: Disintegrator – Drones About Time Travel

These past few days have felt like an eternity in both good and bad ways. In the positive category, we had an amazing time at Saturday’s Experimental Portland Presents… show. All three acts played tremendous, mind altering sets and there were more than few bodies in attendance. My favorite kind of experience. Thanks once more to ALTO!, Noise Agency, and No Parades for doing amazing work, and thanks to Boom Bap! for being generous and gracious hosts.

On the negative side, my laptop was killed inadvertently by my error of setting a beer too close to it. One errant hand gesture on my part and the keyboard was covered in hefeweizen. Alas and alack, I’m still stinging from that blow. Luckily I had a kind benefactor who loaned me a computer to use for the time being, and have a new machine on its way to me in the post. Still…my poor MacBook and all that is on it. Le sigh.

Suffice it to say, some calming music is in order for me to start this week. So I turn to Daniel Roberts and his amazing project Disintegrator. The name seems specifically chosen to evoke the work of William Basinski…or at least that’s my assumption based solely on the gorgeous melting sounds that Roberts is doing here, something that brings to mind The Disintegration Loops. It’s a salve to a weary system, and as we greet another week, another four years of our President in office, another celebration of one of the greatest peacemakers of our world, and another day above ground…I say put these epic sound explorations on and drift away in a meditative state. In spite of all of the bumps and hiccups on the road, things are pretty okay.


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