News: Experimental Portland Presents… #4 TOMORROW NIGHT!

Don’t let the news of our recent partnership with Mississippi Studios confuse or dissuade you from attending the other Experimental Portland Presents… shows we already have on the books, including tomorrow night’s extravaganza at Boom Bap! 

There’s plenty of reasons to show up: the three bands—ALTO!, Noise Agency, and No Parades—are fantastic (which if you scroll down a tad, you can find out for yourself), you’ll be supporting the local experimental scene, and you’ll be helping to say goodbye to Boom Bap…hopefully just for the time being. The new landlords for their building evicted them this month, leaving them with two more shows to prove their mettle.

The poster for the show and clips to all three bands are below. I sincerely hope you can make it out. And if you do, find me and say hello. I’m tall, bespectacled, a little overweight (or a “fat fucker” in the eyes of one angry Mississippi Studios patron), and quite gregarious.


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