News: Help Noise Agency Finish Their New Album

You may recognize the name Noise Agency from the lineup for this month’s Experimental Portland Presents… showcase (happening on the 19th of January at Boom Bap). If not, you should take some time to familiarize yourself with their cinematic psychedelic sound via the above video, and if you are so inspired, consider making a contribution to the band’s Indiegogo campaign to help fund their next album. A bit from their campaign statement:

We’ve been slowly working on our debut album for a while now, and now it’s time to make the final push.  We’ve home recorded all the tracks we need, and all that’s left to do have our tracks mastered, commission album art, and have CD’s duplicated.

We’ve crunched the numbers, and we’ve calculated $1,500 will get us to where we need to be.  It will cost $700 to have all our tracks and album locally mastered for a clean, crisp, professional sound.  Then we’re hoping to put out CD digipaks in bulk, which will cost an additional $700.  The remaining $100 will be used to pay for the album’s graphic design.

The group is closing in on their goal in the last 24+ hours of the campaign. Do what you can, if you choose.


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