Video: Boron – Hamburger Touchdown

The man on the Field Hymns website says that Boron’s 2012 cassette release The Beige Album is “WOEFULLY under-appreciated.” I tend to agree with him. The slept-on nineteen track collection (available for download here) is the rare experimental pop that dares to take itself not very seriously at all. The titles of many of the droning, burbling, and flickering electronics-driven tracks should spell that out right away. Examples: “Mountain Dew’d”, “Stop Faking Sense”, “Tomato Upload.” The music has a playful edge to it, as well. That lends the darker moments a sinister, creepy color, but otherwise the mood feels silly and thrilled at being able to goof on synths and sequencers for one’s own pleasure.

You can see it as well in this NSFW clip Boron – aka Dan Nelson – put together for the track “Hamburger Touchdown”, which features a slow Google Earth crawl, pixilated porn that plays backwards, and a few dark blue intrusions. Like many of you, I’m ready to move on to the music of 2013, but you can spare yourself four minutes to look in the rearview mirror for the sake of this singular artist and his audio-visual genius.


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