Music: Neglect – Silk & Insight

I don’t know how you’re doing but the emotional and spiritual exhaustion that I’m feeling after this holiday week is vast, and the only music I can really handle is that which is calming and quiet. As with all sounds, there’s plenty of that to go around. But what has been salving my chafed brain is this lovely piece by Joseph Valentino, who records/performs under the name Neglect. The fluttering synth moves and glitterful overlays of melody have been on repeat on my stereo and in my head for the past couple of days, and has probably helped me to avoid any embarrassing blowups after feeling the weight of Christmas pressure full on my shoulders. Am I revealing too much? Probably, but Zen musics like this tend to stir up those deep-seated emotions, helping to process them before scooping them up and gently depositing them into a ditch somewhere.


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