News: ALTO Remix Challenge

Musician Derek Monypeny has issued a bit of a challenge to the world at large: take the individual pieces that make up “Piece 5 (H.F.F.L.)”, a track from his band ALTO! and mix/remix/adapt/adopt/improvise with them to your heart’s content.

Seems like a fun little exercise to me…and one that I might actually (gasp) participate in.

For those of you who will actually follow through with it, rather than just saying that they might (like me), here’s a link to the song’s individual tracks. Have fun with it, and then send a link of your work to Mr. Monypeny when you’re done (follow that above link and send him a message through SoundCloud, that is). He and the band will compile them and offer up the whole remixed batch on the ALTO! BandCamp page.


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