News: TAMARACKmusic, Real Future Recording Company, Experimental Portland Presents…

The Christmas spirit must have me in its sway; I’m ready to stuff your aural stockings with a few choice gems.

Let’s start with the world of TAMARACKmusic, one of many local labels challenging our brains with new and exciting sounds. The imprint’s SoundCloud page is chock-a-block with great new fare, including some Nintendo 64 jams by Black Daddy and centrifugal spins of beats and antic noise by Daddy Longlegs. As well, they’ve offered up this sweet ambient ditty from an upcoming collaboration between the man behind the label Elias Foley and Tim Gray of Ethernet infamy. For such an aggressive title – “Cutting With a Hammer” – the track is really quite soft on the brainpan.

In case you missed this bit of news around the campfire, Regular Music has recently expanded into a quintet, adding two drummers (Papi Fimbres and John Rau) to their trio of synth setups. As you might imagine, the sound is now far more driving, hypnotizing, and hip-swinging than ever before. The wise gent behind Real Future Recording Company, the label that released one of RM’s 2012 releases Buddy Cops did a little bootlegging of the band’s most recent show at Boom Bap – which he has offered up on the RFRC site for download.

Finally a bit of news from our camp — if you didn’t see it on the Events Calendar, Experimental Portland Presents… is returning for a third installment on December 29th. This time around, the show will be going down at Record Room, and will feature sets by a trio of incredible local talents: Jatun, Sun Hammer, and Abusive Consumer. It’s a free show, it’s (sadly) 21+ and it is at a great space. I hope to see as many of you in attendance as possible.



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