Music: Dwoemer – Live at PNCA

The event from which this live recording was captured was a singularly weird one for me. I had invited along the members of Ritual Galaxy, to give these young squires a taste of electronic music and noise performed at its highest level. The lineup – Robert Henke, Marcus Fischer, Mike Jedlicka, etc. – demanded it really. One of the boys brought a lady friend, who, at one point, passed out and smacked her head on the ground due to severe dehydration. And that all happened during Dwoemer‘s set. Needless to say, I was a little distracted and didn’t have time hear every thing Dwoemer was doing.

I bring all this up only to emphasize how excited I am that Jef Drawbaugh – the man behind the Dwoemer name – put his half hour performance from that evening (part of Tim Westcott’s ongoing SIX series of shows) on SoundCloud. I can now enjoy the swirling Vangelis beauty without worrying about the fate of a frail teenager in need of medical assistance. His music requires your full attention, as you’ll hear. Free yourself from distractions, get your favorite pair of headphones out, and do some deep listening.


One thought on “Music: Dwoemer – Live at PNCA

  1. hey! thanks for the mention, i can’t claim full responsibility (or blame.. depending on your perspective ..) for SIX, it’s a very communal affair, many of the artists playing are involved in other aspects of promotion, curatorial emphasis, and also poster design (marcus!!) , etc.. not just me 🙂 .. big thank to david chander, paul dickow, romeo, keith, etc.. and of course HUGE awesome amazing thanks to stephen slappe, seth nehil, and PNCA for letting us use their space for the last two iterations of the event.. hopefully more to come 🙂

    i hope that girl wasn’t too sad, we were all a bit worried…

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