Music: Inez Lightfoot – Live At Valentines

When Patrick Bryant – the gent behind the peerless Subject To Change program on KZME – brought this to my attention, I was awash with guilt. Regretful that I didn’t know this show was happening, and that I didn’t even publicize it on the event calendar here on the blog. And then sad to know that Ms. Lightfoot’s album Familiars was briefly available on vinyl and that I missed my narrow window to get a copy of it.

I’d like to think that when you listen to this set of ghostly dulcimer and vocal tracks, folk music as resonated through an empty room Alvin Lucier-style, you will likely feel the same way. Sure, we can grab a digital copy of it – and goodness knows the beauty and haunted quality of this music ensures that I will do just that once I’m done writing this blog post – but the richness of the dulcimer, field recordings, and Ms. Lightfoot’s voice would sound pretty incredible coming from a turntable. Alas and alack…


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