Music: Gabriel Saloman – Adhere

We’ve rhapsodized here enough abou the greatness that is Pete Swanson’s work, but what of Gabriel Saloman, his former partner in Yellow Swans? Well, the man has been keeping busy though residing below the radar, working with dance troupes and live performances and gallery installations. But now, he’s making another bold step forward into the klieg lights of the music world with the release of his first bona fide solo release Adhere. It’s out this week on Miasmah Records and has plenty of music writers and fans scrambling to rethink their best albums of the year list. It is a downright masterpiece of drone, drum loops, strings, and atmosphere; as moody and dark, warm and chilling as Bish Bosch but without the chest-beating, sniggling lyrics to weigh it down. Here, the music is allowed to float free, and cast shadows and stark blasts of sunlight wherever it sees fit.


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