Music: Posture – Wayfarer

I love how this song sounds like Wyatt Schaffner – the man behind Posture – doesn’t appear to be in control of what’s going on. The vision I carry with this song is that he’s intending to make a nice delicate New Age-like track but his computer won’t allow it to happen, kicking in little intrusive bits of other songs and streaming radio. It adds a weird sense of frustration to what would otherwise be a pretty relaxing track. Tension like that can sometimes be hard to come by but Schaffner applies it with the right daubs of dial flipping and overindulgence.

When you’re done with that track, take a moment to check out the video that Wyatt and director Michelle McKay helped conceive for an art installation. It was edited way down and manipulated by the two, and was shown recently at an event at Hollywood Theatre.


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