Music: Sun Hammer/Radere Mix for Headphone Commute

One of 2012’s most heady sonic journeys comes courtesy of local artist Sun Hammer and his recent collaborator Radere, and the album that two glued together entitled Lotophagen. Theirs is the music that you pump through your speakers on Halloween night to give the little children a fright before you tossed a few fun size Snickers in their treat bag.

The two were asked recently by the incredible site Headphone Commute to contribute to their podcast series, and the mix that the duo came up with expands on the black drones and gooey tar black ideas of their album. They bring in their own work, as well as that of likeminded citizens such as Tim Hecker, Marcus Fischer, Mount Eerie, and Thomas Köner. Click on the audio player above to hear the mix, go here to download it, and then look below for the tracklist.

And if you like what you hear, I’m proud to announce that Sun Hammer will be performing at the next Experimental Portland Presents… show, happening December 29th at Record Room. More details to come on that one, so stay tuned.

Also Radere and Sun Hammer will be performing together on November 17th, at Townsend’s Tea House on NE Alberta. Click here for details on that.

1 Mount Eerie – Over Dark Water (Clear Moon, P.W. Elverum & Sun Ltd)
2 Félicia Atkinson – Entomology (SEQUENCE2, Futuresequence)
3 Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – The Radiant Tree (Visiting This World, En/Of)
4 Le Berger – A Rainbow of Monisms (RGB Interact, Disquiet Junto)
5 Sun Hammer + Radere – •••••• (unreleased)
6 Christina Kubisch – Magnetic Flights (Magnetic Flights, Important)
7 Asher – Untitled 5 (Untitled Landscapes 1, Room40)
8 Ben Vida – Ssseeeeiiiiii (Esstends-Esstends-Esstends, Pan)
9 Richard Chartier + Taylor Deupree – Specification.Fifteen (Specification.Fifteen, LINE)
10 Damian Valles – Movement III (Nonparallel (In Four Movements), Experimedia)
11 Thomas Köner – Novaya Zemlya 1 (Novaya Zemlya, Touch)
12 Kane Ikin + David Wenngren – Veil (Strangers, Kesh)
13 Robert Curgenven + Richard Chartier – Displacement (Built Through, LINE)
14 Barn Owl – The Darkest Night Since 1683 (Lost In the Glare, Thrill Jockey)
15 Sun Hammer + Radere – •• (Lotophagen, Futuresequence)
16 Taylor Deupree + Marcus Fischer – Cloudline (In a Place of Such Graceful Shapes, 12k)
17 Tim Hecker – Harmony In Blue III (Harmony In Ultraviolet, Kranky)


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