Event: Experimental Portland Presents… #2

Clear your calendars and get plenty of rest and stay hydrated, because we’re putting on another show! 

Yes, friends, the second installment of Experimental Portland Presents… has been organized and booked and is ready to blow your little mind.

This time around, we have three bands on the bill. And they are…

Cloud City Cars

Ritual Galaxy

Troubled By Insects

The show will, once again, be taking place in the cozy confines of Little Axe Records, which resides at 5012 NE 28th St., right off of NE Alberta Street.

The show will start promptly at 8pm, and the cover charge is a sliding scale between $3 – 5 with all the money collected going right into the pockets of the bands performing. Be sure to bring a little extra scrilla with you to buy some records/tapes/CDs right from the artists or to wade through the finely curated stacks of used and new wax at the shop.

Questions or concerns? Please leave a comment here or drop us a note at experimentalportland at gmail.com. That’s also the address to reach us at if you want to play at the next EXPDX Presents… show, hopefully going down in the month of November.

Until then, share this information with your friends and loved ones – either direct them here to the blog or, if you are on Facebook, share this event page with them – and check out the amazing poster put together by Daniel Schultz a.k.a. Troubled By Insects.


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