Music: Eternal Tapestry – When Gravity Fails

Eternal Tapestry is quickly becoming the epicenter of this city’s experimental and art rock scene. Through the past two years, they’ve released three collections of material on their new home Thrill Jockey, and both Nick Bindeman and Dewey Mahood issued solo releases through that Chicago label as well. Add to it the dizzying number of live performances that either the full band or its individual members have been doing around the city, and it leaves writers/music geeks like myself scrambling around to try and keep up.

So, of course, there’s no real surprise in learning that the group knocked out another full-length – the soon-to-be-issued A World Out of Time – nor should it shock anyone to learn that it is a boiling stew of psych glory and sky scraping glory. This first track released to the public should give you a nice sense of what’s in store here with ET getting their Crazy Horse on, bookending it with a touch of samples and sound collage.

For Portland fans, the band will be rolling into the cozy confines of Plew’s Brews on October 27th for a live performance, as well as gracing the stage of Mississippi Studios on November 9th to take part in the Portland edition of Thrill Jockey’s 20th anniversary celebrations.


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