News: Music For Tom Carter

We’ve talked on here before about the plight of Tom Carter, the guitar genius who is part of Charalambides, Sarin Smoke, and many more musical endeavors. But a quick recap: Carter was on tour in Berlin this past summer when he came down with a terrible case of pneumonia that put him in the hospital for months. The good news is that Carter recovered enough to be able to return to his home in New York. The bad news is that he still needs many more days of recovery and treatment and, the state of the music industry and the health care system in this country being what it is, the bills are piling up.

Carter being as beloved as he is, many musicians and music fans have rushed to his aid, setting up benefit concerts and donation efforts to stave off the bill collectors and help get him back to making music. One of the more recent endeavors came along just last week in the form of a digital-only benefit compilation curated by the amazing people at Root Strata and titled simply Music For Tom Carter. The 11 track collection features many of Carter’s peers and fans – his Sarin Smoke bandmate Pete Swanson, Bill Orcutt, Evan Caminiti, and local hero Ilyas Ahmed – who have donated exclusive tracks to inspire you to crack open your wallet or PayPal account.

You can listen to the compilation below, but we encourage you to click here to hit up the Bandcamp page, spend the $10 (or more), and get a copy of your own. It’s a great cause, and you get some incredible music for your small outlay of cash.


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