Music: Regular Music – “Silver Orbs”

The beauty of being an all-improvisational band is that, as long as you can maintain a steady practice schedule, you will always be creating new music. So it is with the all synth trio Regular Music. We’ve already sung their praises plenty on this blog, so we won’t waste too much time here. Suffice it to say, this new track from E*Rock, Copy, and Grapefruit is a sexy little jam. A jazzy breakbeat sidles up to long, chiming synth chords and teases some soft and sultry melodies out. The little death awaits within this meditative track that will curl your toes and make your eyelids flutter.

And lest you forget, Regular Music will be performing as part of Event 3, an all improvisational show put together by Devin Gallagher of Real Future Recording Co. (among other things) happening on Thursday September 27th at Holocene. They’ll be joined on stage by Ryan McAlpin of Typhoon playing trumpet. Also on the bill: Rob Walmart, Lisa Schonberg, Papi Fimbres, Erik Carlson, Eric Phipps, and a set by Gallagher, himself.


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