Music: Fontanelle + Ethernet

This morning, you get a double dose of new music. Mostly because I’m not privy to the track that SPIN Magazine’s website apparently has the exclusive on. But the track is worth your time and attention because it is new music from Fontanelle!!

I don’t remember how I caught wind of this…maybe something Paul Dickow mentioned to me a while back or through some back channel, but I could hardly believe the fact that Southern Lord – home to Sunn 0))), Weedeater, and a dozen other amazing metal acts – would be releasing a new album from space rock band Fontanelle. Well here it is, encoded in beautiful ones and zeroes – “Vitamin F,” the debut track from the first new album by the band in a decade. The beautiful, Bitches Brew-style monster that it is.

I didn’t want to leave you without something to stream right here from the blog. So, I’m also including in this update a track from a new release by Ethernet. Tim Gray has already wowed us this past month with the release of the limited edition CD-R Temples, and now he is returning to our head space with Into The Woods, a cassette/digital release on Tamarack. This new track “Rain Elemental” captures the feel of the album’s title almost too perfectly. It’s the soundtrack of getting lost in the forest on a cold, fall night. Logically, you know that nothing bad is necessarily going to happen to you, but that instinctual fear won’t stop prickling at the back of your neck.


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