News: Robert Henke @ PNCA

One of the more exciting events that will be happening within the borders of Portland is also one that has gone, for the most part, unnoticed by most folks. Robert Henke, the sound designer and musician who performs/records as Monolake, will be visiting PNCA this coming weekend for a pair of events that require your attendance.

On Sunday the 23rd, Henke will be performing on the main campus as part of an ongoing series of concerts known as SIX. For this, all the musicians involved will have access to a six-speaker surround sound system that is perfect for complete sonic immersion. And Henke won’t be alone either as the bill is packed with local talent: Strategy performing with Jetfinger, Marcus Fischer, Solenoid, Dweomer, and Mike Jedlicka with wndfrm.

The next day (technically not the weekend, but…suspend your disbelief for a few, eh?), Henke will return to the PNCA campus to present a lecture entitled Sound, Structures, and Machines. I’ll let the press release re: this event do the talking…

Berlin-based artist Robert Henke provides an insight into his sonic and audiovisual works, both from an artistic and technical perspective. Most of his works are created by building his own software based machines that provide some sort of output by themselves, using algorithmic and stochastic methods. Henke then refines these systems or further processes the results in order to achieve the desired artistic output. This way of working blurs the boundaries between composition, performance, and installation and allows for an intuitive and spontaneous interaction with the material. Robert Henke will explain his working method using examples from previous and upcoming installations and concert setups. Henke’s tools of choice include MaxMSP and Ableton Live, therefor some basic knowledge of these programs is helpful, but not a necessary prerequisite to follow the lecture. The lecture will end with a discussion if desired.


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