Music: Sunken Colony – Rites Of The New Flesh (side A)

I got incredibly lucky with the booking of the first Experimental Portland Presents… show last month at Little Axe. All the performers were rock solid, and I was introduced to the work of Sunken Colony, Anthony Remple’s solo project that mixes together field recordings, drones, and other bits and bobs of sound to create some hypnotic and occasionally cheeky ambient landscapes. Remple is going to soon release a cassette Rites of the New Flesh via the always exciting label Eggy Records, and was good enough to upload both sides of this short tape to his SoundCloud page.

What you get here is the side A, a gurgling nine-minute piece that moves further and further in ever-expanding concentric circles. Listening to it, it brought me back to see Swans at MusicfestNW a couple of weeks back. Although Remple’s work is a lot easier on the central nervous system than M. Gira and co.’s full on assault, there’s very similar approaches into how both Swans and Sunken Colony slowly pile layer upon layer atop an ever-shifting foundation. That it never topples over, no matter how precarious it may look from the outside, shows you just how in control Remple is of every tone and second of this engaging work.


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