News: Creative Music Guild Announces Fall 2012 Season

The year has already been great to the folks behind Creative Music Guild. They have been pulling in dozens of people to the Revival Drum Shop for their monthly Outset Series, and put together a successful Improvisation Summit that featured film, workshops, dance, and plenty of freeform musical performances.

CMG shows little signs of slowing down: they just announced what they have planned for the fall months of this year and it has this writer champing at the bit with excitement.

The biggest news is the fundraiser they are putting on to help them continue their work for the next 12 months or more. Called Untoward, the big event is happening on September 28th at Bamboo Grove Salon and features a great lineup of experimental acts: 

Concern (Gordon Ashworth)
Interiors X (Thomas Thorson & friends)
Medicine Cabinet (Dan Duval & Lee Elderton)
Neal Morgan (of Bill Callahan and Joanna Newsom)
Allie Hankins & Zac Pennington (Allie is a dancer and Zac is in Parenthetical Girls)
Wet Wool (members of YACHT, DJ Jeffrey Jerusalem & Inside Voices)

Improvised dance and music interstices by:
Mike Barber, Tracy Broyles, Joe Cunningham (Blue Cranes), Richard Decker, Linda K. Johnson, David Krom, Ryan Miller (U Sco), John Savage (Demolition Duo), Ryan Stuewe (Eet, Sustentacula), Doug Theriault, Reed Wallsmith (Blue Cranes), Lucy Yim, Ben Kates (Thicket), Jeff Brodsky (Wet Wool), Sally Garrido-Spencer, & Dawn Stoppiello.

Music installation by Alex Ian Smith

Also of note are the Confluence Series of shows that shines the spotlight on talent from outside of the Portland area. I’m still waiting to hear from the CMG folks about exactly where two of these shows are happening but they have three fine events lined up for the rest of ’12:

10/9: Home of Easy Credit
10/17: Tatsuya Nakatani (at the Outset Series)
12/5: Frode Gjerstad Trio (from Norway w/ Paal Nilssen-Love, drums, Jon Rune Strøm, bass, Frode Gjerstad, clarinets, alto sax)

The October 17th Confluence show will be happening as part of CMG’s Outset Series. And in their current news blast, they brought up two Outset shows: Like A Villain and Moodring on September 5th, and Secret Drum Band and DUBAIS on September 19th.

I hope you’re as excited about all of these shows as I am…and you’ll have to let me know if you’re going to be at any or all of them. Would love to meet some of my readers in person. Until then, enjoy this video of Grouper performing at last year’s ISP.


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