News: Laurie Anderson @ TBA 12 + Exclusive Ticket Discount

If you are a regular reader of this blog, I have to imagine that you already are aware of the goodness in store for this year’s Time-Based Art Festival. In addition to some incredible looking visual and performative pieces, there is a healthy amount of exciting music-based projects on the calendar.

Former Explode Into Colors/current Stay Calm member Claudia Meza has a pair of works in the fest, including Sonic City PDX, an collaboration with 30 local musicians who “have mapped out their favorite local sonic spaces, creating an “audio tour” of the most interesting naturally occurring acoustic landscapes,” according to the project website; indie favorites Yo La Tengo who will be in town to provide a live soundtrack to a documentary on the work of Buckminster Fuller; a multimedia presentation by Brainstorm and Sahel Sounds that includes Skype jams with African musicians; and performances by Akio Suzuki and Otomo Yoshihide.

The biggest name on the schedule though is the peerless performance artist/musician Laurie Anderson. She will be taking the stage at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on Sunday, September 16th to perform Dirtday, a solo piece that, according to the TBA site, “engages with the politics of the Occupy movement, theories of evolution, families, history, and animals in this riotous and soulful collection of songs and stories. Set against a detailed and lush sonic landscape, the music and narratives create a unique picture of a hallucinatory world encompassing dreams and reality.”

If you want to check out the Laurie Anderson performance, the good people at PICA/TBA12 are offering up an exclusive discount to readers of Experimental Portland. Use the code dirt4exp when you check out, and you’ll get $5 knocked off the price of your ticket. Click here to purchase tickets.*

*Lest there be an confusion, I’m not seeing any financial benefit for this offer. The PICA folks contacted me out of the blue and offered this up on their own. I’m as shocked as you are. 


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