News: Heather Treadway/Lisa Schonberg, White Rainbow, and Pete Swanson

Time for a little Thursday news dump for you, my precious readership. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin.

— Heather Treadway and Lisa Schonberg, two members of the Secret Drum Band, have bene invited to be artists-in-residence at A-Z West, a community for creators in the desert near Joshua Tree, California. And what they have planned sounds pretty incredible. “Our work at the residency will center around a new music composition focused on percussion that will take cues from the natural soundscapes of Joshua Tree. My collaborators’ contributions in fashion, sound, and video will interact directly with the composition.” They’ll be inviting along fellow artists/past collaborators Tara Jane O’Neil, Allan Wilson, and Julie Perini to join in the fun. But, as with most things like this, funds are in need to help get Treadway and Schonberg down to California with their gear and to make this project happen. They have turned to Kickstarter for help making this project happen the way it should. Click here to check out their campaign and then see if you can make a contribution to the cause.

— I’ve been having to miss a lot of great looking shows here in town due to work constraints, exhaustion, and other extraneous factors. You can then imagine my rejoicing when I saw that White Rainbow posted a recording of a chunk of his August 28th set at the Backdoor Theater on SE Hawthorne on Bandcamp. The glimmering/glitchy wonderfulness still makes me wish I was there to see it go down in person, but having it now to listen to over and over and over again helps ease the sting.

— Lastly, our favorite expatriate experimentalist Pete Swanson graced the good people at self-titled magazine (where I occasionally contribute) with a Needle Exchange mix that is an absolute thing of beauty. As he says in the text he contributed with the mix: “There’s a lot on this mix that has commanded my attention recently and has translated into concerns in my own music. In the last year, I’ve mainly been interested in real oddball takes on musique concrete (the extremely rough Schaffer track and the Akos Rozmann track) and classical electronic music (Guy Riebel). I’ve also been digging into a lot of electronic dance music (Zomby, Traxman, etc.) and hip-hop (mostly not included, but you can count Death Grips to some degree) in the last year or two. Everything is represented on here.” Stream and/or download the mix below, and get real, real gone.


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