Music: Weather Exposed – Dwelling Memory

Jason Gray used to be one-half of Saudade, one of the best ambient groups on the local scene, but these days sticks to his own, recording under the fantastic name of Weather Exposed. The warm heart of the ambient sound hasn’t left Gray however. If anything, it’s only grown more toasty and inviting in the years since his previous band’s dissolution. This new track keeps to that spirit, with a vaguely tribal beat steadily rolling beneath rich waves of synth and processed guitar sound. Listening to it, I had two distinct thoughts: one that it reminded me of some of the finer moments on Seefeel’s peerless Quique album, and another that the track had an urging quality that strangely called to mind the aromas in a Warner Bros. cartoon that beckoned to the hungry characters within. Just as they would follow those delicious smells to what they hope is a hearty meal, so too will I follow Gray wherever he wants to lead me.


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