Music: Cody Brant/Kommissar Hjuler – To End All Life…

As it was with the Toning track that I featured just last week, details are scarce on this piece. All that Brant provides on the SoundCloud page is this: “Kommissar Hjuler and Cody Brant collab.” As simple little notation for such a complex piece of music. I want more information! Is this Brant remixing Hjuler? Is it the two artists bouncing ideas and noises off each other digitally, each bathed in the glow of their respective laptops? Or did they actually meet up and painstakingly weld together this swimming collage of samples, pinging melodics, and flittering noise. Until I hear something definite, I’m just going to keep guessing. And why not? A piece as wobbly and delirious as this will just elude any attempt I might make to stick into an antechamber of my understanding. Thinking on it more, maybe I should just stay in the dark. Seems more fun that way.


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