Video: Redneck @ Pure Harsh Noise Worship Fest 2012

I hope that some of my readers made their way to Ella Street Social Club last weekend and took in the PHNW Fest. It was an incredible, and – for me at least – enlightening event. I think I finally learned why it is I am so attracted to extreme genres of music like metal and noise. There’s something so immersive about the volume and sound that it starts to feel like a sonic blanket. Keeps me feeling wrapped up and warm inside. Never a bad feeling in my never so humble opinion.

To give those who weren’t there some sense of what they missed out on, here’s a clip filmed by Faith Ivey of the short but perfect set by local noisenik Redneck. It is a very theatrical performance, which works much to the benefit of a genre that tends to be marked by people standing there twisting knobs and ignoring the audience. Instead, Redneck made sure to make his person the center of attention with some well-placed smears of…jelly?…and some blank stares at the people surrounding him.


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