Music: RLLRBLL – Coffee With Donnie

This is likely to be one of the most straightforward tracks to appear on this site. But whenever long running post-rock psych drone space jam outfit Rollerball or RLLRBLL comes alive with some new music, it is always a smart move to pay close attention.

This piece is a 9+ minute jam (available for free download as part of a new EP of outtakes out on Silber Media) of motorik rhythms and silken female vocals that sounds as caffeinated as the title. That’s long been the beauty of this group. They instinctively understand the meditative quality of repetition and embrace it again and again to delirious effect. Because this isn’t a song that builds to some crashing conclusion or some LSD-induced peak. It just rides steadily along like a high speed rail trip, giving you ample time to get zoned and zonked out.


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