Music: Fiasco Free Improvisation

Technology has been a boon and a terrifying step forward for improvisational musicians and fans. With the storage capacity of digital recorders, video cameras, cloud accounts, etc., now you can hear every squall of brilliance and screeching brake of failure that comes from the hands, mouths, feet, and minds of free wheeling musicians the world over.

The group Fiasco Free Improvisation fully embraces this idea, recording almost every practice session, live performance, and partial meetup of the members of this amorphous musical collective. Most of the time, they do so on video, filling up a YouTube channel with short clips of toy instrument symphonies, solos taken by a Michael Graves teapot, or other delirious sonic rackets.

The band currently occupies a home in NE Portland that they refer to as the Alice Coltrane Memorial Coliseum. The crew has hosted concerts from touring musicians there, so I’m sure with some Googling, you could track down their address and wait outside to hear it all happening in real time. Or find your way inside and join in the fun. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind one bit.


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