Experimental Portland Presents…

As I have been mentioning in the Experimental Portland Twitter feed, I’m helping put on a little show in about two weeks’ time. The details are in the flyer above, but here’s a little information about the bands playing.

The Chicago-based outfit Winters In Osaka has a nebulous lineup, sometimes ballooning up to a sextet, other times a tidy little trio. But the thread that runs through this group’s work remains constant no matter how many people are creating it. It’s a dark line that the band refers to as “creep ambient,” a noisy breed of instrumental music that brings tingles to the skin that are both enjoyable and prickly at the same time.

Eric Christopherson’s one man project Sleeping With The Earth follows a similar line, but finds the aggressive textures that makes noise/extreme music so appealing to fans of metal and industrial. Check this video of him performing at the 2010 Eugene Noise Fest. He’s stalking the stage like a musclebound punk rocker or some thrash metal icon in a hockey jersey. All the while reedy drones and metal-on-metal scraping goes on underneath him. You half expect that the heavy slam of a double kick pedal drumbeat is forthcoming but it never arrives. It’s that kind of edge of your seat feeling that provides Christopherson’s work with so much power.

Soup Purse is another one-man noise machine, and another physical presence on stage. But his work seems more indebted to the worlds of IDM and hip-hop. He is unafraid of the straight up beat, the slight melody, the wobbling bass tone. These elements never full resolve, however, nor do they coalesce into anything resembling clarity. These pieces bounce up against each other creating heated sparks.

Sunken Colony is the only mystery piece of this equation. If anyone can point me towards some sounds or videos or something regarding this act, I’ll update this post accordingly.

Those are the details of the event. I hope you and yours can make it out and support all four acts and hopefully encourage future Experimental Portland Presents… shows.


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