News: Local Label News

Today as we steel ourselves for the aural onslaught of tonight’s Pure Harsh Noise Worship Festival, let us look to the world of the Portland labels to bring you up to date on their comings and goings.

— The great tape label Field Hymns just announced their next slate of releases for fall 2012, and an exciting lineup it is: Italian stereophonic noise monger Nodolby, free jazz synth maestro Jonathan James Carr, our lovely locals Regular Music, and the low slinging drones of Andreas Brandal are just a few of the names they are bandying about. If that weren’t enough, apparently the good people of Japan are going to have a better chance at snagging some of these releases thanks to a deal FH reached with distributor S.O.L. Sound. So, even more people to compete with for these short run cassettes.

Optic Echo has opened up the pre-orders for their next release – Tessellations, a collaboration between  The OO-Ray and Marcus Fischer. We bring this to your attention as only 250 copies of the 12″ are going to be released, and because we find the music on it to be positively hypnotizing. It is the perfect electro-acoustic ideal, wending the wood and wires with the circuit and cable to bring about lush, ethereal vistas.

—  If you hadn’t heard already, Soleilmoon is gearing up to release a couple of (and we mean this in the most excited way possible) ridiculous new works by a couple of experimental luminaries. The quite literally biggest one comes from the mighty Merzbow who is re-releasing his Merzbient box set on vinyl. That adds up to 18 LPs, 15 of which carry the material from the original 10 CD set, with the other three being material exclusive to this collection. Too, the label is reissuing Lustmord‘s 1990 dark ambient classic Heresy in what is billed as as “Sixtystone Edition.” That is a two-CD set featuring a newly remastered edition of the album with a second disc of early versions and alternate mixes packaged in a “carved soapstone box containing seven printed inserts.” Enough to make one physically agog, eh?


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