Music: Rangda – Majnun

As if there weren’t already reason to be giddily excited about the appearance of a new album by Rangda, the trio made up of master musicians Sir Richard Bishop, Ben Chasny, and Chris Corsano, along comes a sample of their second full-length Formally Extinct (out next month on Drag City). And, as expected, it is a scorcher. It starts off with a silky melody before falling into a k-hole of dissonance. It claws its way out, but bears the marks of being burned and shredded to bits.

In other Bishop-related news, word is that the Sun City Girls’ label Abduction is going to re-up a gaggle of the imprint’s out-of-print releases in digital format. This includes works by the Girls, solo efforts by its principle members, and other artists friendly with the label and the band that runs it. They will also include new PDF booklets with each one that will feature liner notes and photos and the like. Work out your music buying budget accordingly. (h/t: The Wire)


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