Music: FNL – ..

That’s not a typo in the subject line of this blog post. The two periods are exactly what the duo FNL has named the track here . Slightly pretentious, I’ll grant you, but don’t let that dissuade you from giving this track a dutiful, serious listen.

Austin Lightfoot and Michael Flora, the two gents who created this track, apply a minimalist approach, building up the song layer by burbling layer. It climbs towards a high-pitched peak that wobbles in and out of focus. Reminds me of some of Autechre’s more subtle moments or the glorious 1:30 buildup to the first beat drop in Plastikman’s acid classic “Plastique”. What makes the tracks on FNL’s debut EP almost transcend the above two acts is that Lightfoot and Flora apparently recorded this all live. No tricky editing or sweating over a ProTools screen to find the right balance. What you hear is what they got, and if these four tracks are any indication, they have plenty.


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