News: Tara Jane O’Neil To Perform SEV ENTRAIN At Holocene On August 26th

Tara Jane O’ Neil has already taken care of a successful Kickstarter campaign to pay for the recording of her new album, and she’s just subtly announced via her website that she’s signed with the venerable Thrill Jockey Records for its release. Now comes news that Ms. O’Neil is going to put on what she’s referring to as a “new composition…of song-based music within an experimental architecture.”

The title of the project is SEV ENTRAIN, and she and her collaborators will be premiering the piece at Holocene on Sunday, August 26th. I’ve sought out some more information about the project from Ms. O’Neil so until I do, I leave you now with the press release  information for the event and a poster for it.

Various members of this 7 studded all star ensemble have collaborated together in song, improvisation and other experimental projects for many years. The configuration of Tara Jane Oneil (solo, Rodan, a million other projects), Rachel Carns (the Need, Cloud Eye Control), Lisa Schonberg (STLS, Secret Drum Band), Kanako Pooknyw (Broken Water, Lyrebird), Heather Treadway (Secret Drum Band, Explode into Colors) is unique to this performance.

The musical composition is an interpretation of a graphic score, by TJO. Publication Studio has crafted a book that documents the process, ephemera and resulting score, in a very limited edition. This book will be available at the show.

The nature of this project is born out of TJO’s work of 20 years, collaborating on myriad projects with people all around the northern hemisphere. Its a continuation of her experimental work with rachel carns (score for the Vicious Red Relic, Love a fabulist memoir) and with lisa schonberg (cascadia ensemble and secret drum band). Not a rock band. Not a cult band. But something like both of them.

the performance will be recorded.

the performance and book are made possible in part by a grant from RACC.


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