PHNW Fest Preview: Josh Rose

On his infrequently updated website, Josh Rose (or whomever wrote his bio) has this to say about his music: “His work explores conceptual ideas around sound and the body, tension, provocation and transgression” A fair approximation of what this Vancouver BC-based musician and sound artist is up to. The track presented here is a provocative one, that offers up a quickly changing series of tones and noises that provide a great sense of unease within the body. Especially in the section that starts around 2:28, where a low, low rumble put a sour feeling in the pit of my stomach before blowing me back with white noise and a high-pitched tone about a minute and a half later.

According to press clipping on the site too, Rose has moved past the harsh noise of his previous project Sick Buildings, preferring to spend his time on music like the above, and politically-minded conceptual art pieces. Stuff like this and the other pieces found on his SoundCloud page are plenty noisy but aren’t the full on assault that we’re sure to be hearing from so many of the other artists on the PHNW bill. Call it a calm before the storm, but it will extremely excited to get an up close view on how Rose works his peculiar magic.


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