Music: Regular Music – How The Stone Statues…

One of the more impressive things about how Eric Mast, Charlie Salas-Humara, and Marius Libman – the three men that make up the improvisational trio Regular Music – collectively operate is that they waste little time getting their music into the hands of anyone who might want it. The group hasn’t been together more than a year (as far as I can remember anyway…feel free to correct me), and they have already blown minds with their live performances and are now ready to gently push a trio of recorded works out into the world.

The wavy little track above comes from one such release, the cassette entitled Buddy Copsout now on High Scores And Records offshoot, Real Future Recording Company. I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive in the post, but this one little snippet of tingling sine waves and percussion has me desperate for more.

The band is also gearing up to put out an EP on UK label Under The Spire, but the one release that is going to raise some eyebrows and some knowing cackles is available via Mast’s Audio Dregs imprint. Called Compact Digital Audio, the 30 second long blip of sound comes on “a small, battery-operated custom sound chip, placed inside a CD digipak with speaker and hand numbered fold-out insert. The sound module is activated when the packaging is opened,” according to the AD site.

The band is also quick to point out that the sound of this piece has been “mangled beyond recognition; its sound quality crushed to fit onto an 8-bit chip, compressed from a 10 minute composition into a 30 second blast, and all bass lost due to the size of the speaker.” Perfectly ridiculous, and perfectly collectable, and a great almost gag to have on your CD shelf for when friends come over to dig through your collection of sounds. Imagine their surprise when they are greeted with a tinny blast of electronic noise right in their curious little faces.


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