PHNW Fest Preview: Striations

What sets Mike Finklea’s project Striations apart from the noise/power electronics pack is both that he embraces the cathartic, physical attack of performing this kind of aggressive music live and that he is also open about the darker influences that drive his work. The following quote comes from an interview Finklea gave to the blog Final Trauma Recordings in answer to the question “Who or what influences your sound? I think it, along with the below video of Finklea and a keyboardist performing live at the Wonder Valley Noise Fest, provides the perfect kind of unfiltered insight into how the California-based artist and musician approaches the world around him and how that comes out through the music he is creating and releasing.

Aspects of daily life I find particularly thought provoking and or stressful or depressing. Industrial accidents, war, nuclear weapons, biological warfare, murder, The Killing Of America (documentary), factories, grime, broken pieces of metal and glass, junkyards, power tools, public sheep hoards, cars, trucks and trains, slaughterhouses, politicians, money, Slasher and Giallo films and fantasies about things I don’t feel comfortable attaching my name to on the internet. Maybe in the magazine Keith. Blood, and used condoms when I see them on the sidewalk. Dead animals. Gore websites. Color atlas of forensic pathology. The crime scene cleaners on Myrtle Street in Oakland, Ca. [with whom I had the sheer pleasure of a Job interview] Thoughts about my Mother, and her crippling betrayal, I truly despise her. I will be at work and look out the window at the industrial atmosphere of the port of Oakland, a constant reminder of the global economy and the constant pain and misery in the world, and just go off on my own thoughts. At this moment Im in the mindset to perform right then and there. I have to wait it out until I get home or my next show to let it all out. Going to shows regularly and checking out what other people are or aren’t doing is definitely an influence weather I want it to be or not. Women and true crime topics are at the forefront my thoughts toward Striations. 80′s Old School Industrial and Power Electronics. Early Black Metal.


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