Music: Marcus Fischer – 7.30.12 at Arbor Suite

After I stumbled across this recording on his Soundcloud page, I sent a message to Marcus Fischer via Twitter to find out what this “Arbor Suite” was. The best guess I could come up with via Googling was that he had spent some time in a hotel room to do a recording. I was way off. Fischer replied that “it’s my studio! It is up above my garage, next to a big ~100 year old walnut tree.”

I can think of no better place to create a piece of pastoral wonder as this delicate improvisation. I love that you can hear ambient noises popping up in the mix: the click of effects pedals getting triggered, voices off in the distance (or are those samples? or is that a cat?), the buzz of an amplifier. Those little intrusions take nothing away from what he’s created here. They are the ballast, keeping you rooted to the ground as he takes you floating into his self-made ether.


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