PHNW Fest Preview: Vasculae

What sums up the work of Jonathan Borges, who records under the name Vasculae, best is this note that accompanies the below track posted on Experimedia: “Meant to be a cassette but deemed too harsh for the duplicator to copy properly.”

They ain’t joking either. The 11-minute excerpt featured here, taking from the CD Receding Stasis (released on Borges’ own imprint Monorail Trespassing) does not let up. It is layer upon layer of unholy static and what could be a loop of a building collapsing in slow motion. But it’s what this California-based artist does best, pounding you and your eardrums into submission. And in the case of this album, the aural beating goes on for 64 minutes.

It’s a challenge, sure, but if you’re already submitting yourself to a full two evenings of noise artists at the Pure Harsh Noise Worship Festival, you should be up for the tussle.


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