Video: Sir Richard Bishop + W. David Oliphant/Pete Swanson

Needing a bit of a mental break on this Tuesday afternoon? Might I recommend a pair of meditative music videos for your viewing pleasure?

Start with this David Lynch-ian dreamscape concocted by W. David Oliphant, the musician and artist who recently collaborated with the mighty Sir Richard Bishop on the album Beyond All Defects. The disc, to be released on August 21st by Chodpa Media, is being described thusly: The sonic landscapes presented here find their origins in Tibet, and are heavily inspired by Tibetan Buddhism – specifically the body of teachings known as Dzogchen. Many of the musical ideas for this project were literally derived from dreams the night before they were created. The remaining ideas were formed centuries ago. A perfectly fitting way to talk about the hazy music found here, and the REM sleep video made by Oliphant to accompany it.

Wrap up your moment of musical/visual peace with this very simple, very blue video made to accompany “Stuff It”, a track from Pete Swanson‘s I Don’t Rock At All album. This ill hypnotic shit was made apparently on a lark by artist William Sabiston. Would that more people could be similarly inspired and inspiring.


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