PHNW Fest Preview: Okha

Anyone attending next month’s Pure Harsh Noise Worship Fest likely knows that they are going to be facing some mighty walls of volume being kicked their way. But I daresay they might feel the hardest punch via Josh Banke’s project known as Okha.

According to a 2002 profile in the Portland Mercury, sets by Okha have been known to induce spontaneous nosebleeds and seizures. And in the time that he’s been playing, I’m sure Banke has had to repair many an amplifier after the speakers burned out under the stress of so much agonizing sound. For this noise fan, if that’s not encouragement enough to make sure I don’t miss out on his set, I don’t know what is.

Actually, I do: it’s this 18 minute symphony of rumble and UFO flybys, originally released on a split cassette with fellow power noise freaks Juhyo.


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