Video: Daniel Menche Live At YU Contemporary

Sound artist extraordinaire Daniel Menche is one of those musicians that has jumped into the fray of the Internet world with both feet. And if you’ve ever seen the man in person, you know what a big ol’ splash he can make.

It’s impossible for you or anyone else who doesn’t have hours of time on their hands to really keep up with all that he’s doing but here’s just a small sampling:

— Menche recently opened up a Bandcamp store, offering up 30 of his copious amount of solo recordings for streaming or for downloading at a mere $7 an album.

— Menche also maintains a great SoundCloud page that is nothing but field recordings he has made during his travels and adventures.

— He also keeps up a great blog that offers up some fine photos of the adventures he gets into with his beloved pup Arrow.

A lot to take in, I know, but for the purposes of this blog we’re going to ease you into things with a streaming video version of his April performance at the beautiful YU Contemporary performance and art space in SE Portland. It’s a breathtaking drone and feedback piece that runs for a little over an hour, taking full advantage of the acoustics of this huge room, and was apparently blasting out on a high volume. So loud in fact that he blew the amps he was using. If you like what you hear in this video version, you can download your own copy of the performance via Touch Music.

[edit –  I just noticed that, for some reason, the video clip that featured Menche’s Yale Union performance was switched to private. So, instead of that, why don’t you instead enjoy this film found on Mr. Menche’s Vimeo page entitled Fulmination: Skulls Part One]


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