Music: Dasani Reboot – Ctrl Tide

Has a song ever been described as sounding like Dalek sex before? In a way, I hope so because if there is more music out there like this deep, guttural, and deliciously squiggly little track from Dasani Reboot, I desperately want to hear it.

I know little about this artist because, well, he’s not putting out a lot of information about what he does. He’s letting the music speak for itself, and good on him for that because his tunes speak volumes. At least it speaks to his love of a similar ’70s science education film and British supernatural drama aesthetic that has driven the Ghost Box label. But Dasani’s work is much darker and more foreboding and much sexier than the giddy handholding sessions and chaste kisses that bands like Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle evoke.


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