PHNW Fest Preview: HHL

As I reported on earlier this week, next month will bring one of the most exciting get togethers of noise artists from around North America: the Pure Harsh Noise Worship Festival. And as promised, I wanted to take some time to highlight the artists that are performing at the event, in case you needed any kind of convincing that this two-night event would be worth your while.

One of the more anticipated appearances of the festival – for this writer at least – is the return of HHL. This noise artist left the local fold for Nashville, Tennessee, where he seems to have settled in very well into the experimental scene in Music City. A number of self-released CD-Rs and split cassette releases on labels such as Crucial Blast and Worthless have been issued in the months since, and the pieces found within them are as intense and hypnotic as ever. Hear for yourself with Nature Recoils, a two-track release from HHL. Originally issued on CD-R and now available as a free download from Bandcamp, the music here is crackling, overmodulated brilliance that feels remarkably contained and controlled for how freeform the pieces sound.


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