Music: White Rainbow – The Man from Glass Guns

Adam Forkner – aka White Rainbow – is one of the backbones of both the experimental music scene and the dance/pop/hip-hop hybrid world here in Portland. This is a man who can ably back up soulful crooner Fatha Green (as part of Purple & Green) and turn around to help master the first release by the Liz Harris/Jesy Fortino collaboration Mirrorring.

So I find it of little surprise that a creative mind like Forkner’s puts out music at the exhausting clip that he seems to. After already dazzling us with the 20+ minute mindblower “Trick Shot Arranger” last month, and the frolicsome Infinity Beat Tape earlier this year, he is back with a new collection out just this week entitled (​!​)​(​¡​)​(​!​)​(​¡​)​•​(​!​)​(​¡​)​(​!​)​(​¡) The Contemplator. 

It’s the perfect name for a batch of songs as strange and piercing as these are. Take this fine track that rides a shiny, almost blinding multi-tracked synth drone into a pixelated sunset. The rest of the album carries a similar melodic bent that evokes large smears of color and Maxfield Parrish-like serenity.


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