Video: Plink Flojd – Escape Echoes

Computer generated art and video rarely gets as weird and strangely sexual as it does when finessed by the sure hands of Brenna Murphy. A member of the art collectives MSHR and Oregon Painting Society, Murphy’s work has the quality of a first person shooter video game gone horribly wrong. Something akin to one of my favorite Adult Swim programs Xavier: Renegade Angel. The sound of Murphy’s bio copy with this video makes it seem like my sense of her work is not far off: “Brenna uses personal recording devices and computer graphics programs to generate warped media that she arranges into cyber labyrinths. Her work explores the psychedelic composition of perceptual experience in physical and virtual realms.

That style of video slots in nicely with the halting synth jam created by fellow art/music collective Plink Flojd. Comprised of Audio Dregs majordomo E*Rock, Yoshi Sodeoka, and David Quiles Guillo, the group is putting together an audio/visual collection to be premiered at the NOVA Contemporary Culture festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I could get lost in this thing for hours. I invite you to do the same.


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