Music: The Slaves – River

As excited as I am about the current incarnation of Swans (and believe you me, if you don’t pick up a copy of the band’s new album The Seer, I shall spurn you but good), one aspect of the band that I miss is the devilish and heartache-inducing interplay between Michael Gira’s vocals and that of his musical partner Jarboe. Sure, I can go back and listen to the old albums, or I can just tap into the mainline of what The Slaves are doing.

Birch Cooper and Barbara Kinzle are the pair behind this group, and together they rain down sheets of shiny metal down upon us, the unsuspecting listeners. They come down in great waves of guitar noise, drawn out stretches of synthesizer, and the combination of male/female vocals that sends me into a grinning, sweaty, knock-kneed swoon. This glorious song comes from Spirits of the Sun, the duo’s latest album, released this month on Digitalis, the fine Oklahoma-based label that is also issuing Birch Cooper’s latest solo venture I Was A Teacher.


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