News: Strategic News Dump From Strategy

Waiting a couple of years to send out a update your mailing list means that when you do have news, you tend to have A LOT of news to share.

So it was that Paul Dickow, known by his nom de musique Strategy, unleashed a torrent of information on his fans and followers late last week. The one-man electronic space station has a great deal in store for the second half of 2012, so let’s start with a track from a 2009 limited edition CD release called “Awareness is Fruit” to help soundtrack the reading of the rest of this post.

For this fan, one of the biggest pieces of news got buried about half way through his long post: Dickow’s former Krautpop outfit Fontanelle – a group that was born out of the demise of another daring rock group Jessamine – is going to release a new album in October of this year on….wait for it….Southern Lord RecordsThe combination of band/label feels quite fitting as there was always something weighty lying under the shimmery skein of Fontanelle’s work.

Before the new Fontanelle comes the release of a new Strategy album. The self-titled affair is to be released on the new label Peak Oil, and Dickow says that it “picks up where Future Rock left off (literally) in a cauldron of experimental pop, dub mixing, and audio soup.” The disc features guest appearances from Dickow’s many musical friends, including Benoit Pioulard and members of the Evolutionary Jass Band, City Center, and Gulls.

For more current fare, check out the new Air Texture II compilation, put together by Vancouver sound artist Loscil, featuring a previously unreleased track, or the 7″ of low-hanging dub that he recorded for ZamZamSounds.

Dickow also promises new releases from Community Library, the label he co-runs, including a reissue/archival release from UK composer Jan Steele and what is sure to be a terrifying batch of acid-dub from Reanimator.

Whew…reading through that information a second time was exhausting as the first. Still, it looks to be an exciting and fruitful year for Dickow. I only hope his fans can keep up with him. Pace yourself, people. This dude’s in it for the long haul.


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