Music: Sun Hammer – Nighttime In Jefferson National Forest

I’ve spent some time listening to this trying to figure out how much of this bracing little track (from the 2012 release A Dream In Blood) is taken from field recordings at that titular forest and how much is simply Sun Hammer doing what he does best: creating long drawn out heated melodies that singe the eyelashes. I think at least the opening section, which appears to be the sound of wind caught in all its crackling glory, comes from the source. But from there, the song evolves into a mass of skittering weirdness and fluid drones and loops.

If you like what you’re hearing, you have a chance to see Sun Hammer create these seeping masses of beauty in person this coming Monday, the 23rd. He’ll be playing at Laughing Horse Books alongside Ohio-based synth wizard Black Unicorn (soon to have a release out on Field Hymns) and post-jazz/modern classical Borden/Bassin/Merrit Trio.



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