Music: Log Across The Washer – JB Eats Bubble Gum

When Tyler Keene – leader of the loose knit soundsmiths known as Log Across The Washer – sent me a link to this track, I worried a bit. I had seen them live, found them a little wanting and trying too hard to fit into a neo-folk scene that seems to have the bearded members of the Portland music community under its sway. I’ve also heard recordings of theirs that I’ve truly enjoyed, songs that take pop aesthetics and warp them out of alignment. So, color me skeptical that I was worried what version of Log Across The Washer Keene was offering up here.

The answer? Neither. Instead, Keene and company have crafted the most Jandekian song not performed by Jandek that I’ve heard in ages. At least Jandek as filtered through the mind of someone who has grown up adoring Tom Waits and Neil Young. This track is an unrelenting torrent of noise and malformed clatter. Underneath, Keene rants and raves about…well, who the fuck knows, really? But it sure sounds compelling. Ropes you in like a carnival barker and makes me want to give him a few dollars to see the big show. Only if he can assure me that he’ll be performing in the center ring.


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