Music: Department of Harmonic Integrity – Limbs Plus

Dylan McConnell’s work under the name Adderall Canyonly has been enough to cement the musician as one of the best practitioners of warped electronic pop written for the post-hip-hop universe. Then dude has to turn around and up the ante with a new project Department of Harmonic Integrity.

To date, there’s only been one track released by this venture, a Walter Carlos drunk on sizzurp siren song called “Limbs Plus”. Listening to this five-minute piece, I was reminded of those days spinning through the dial on an old shortwave radio and stumbling upon those stations that were nothing but odd frequencies, noise, and what might be construed as a melody. McConnell holds close to that ideal but underpins it with low whomps of what sounds like a Moog. Sci-fi nightmares get soundtracked to discomforting chaos like this.


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